February 22, 2009


Inseparable is a short film about a father, Joe, who finds out he is dying and decided to give a drifter named Charlie a second chance. I really like how the filmmaker tells the story through the camera lens. The main point of the film is that Joe is leaving his family which consists of his wife and son. When Joe leaves his house for the last time before the doctor tells him he is dying. Charlie receives a call for Joe and then the transformation begins. Charlie shaved and cleans himself up and then he and Joe switch clothes. Joe eventually walks away and Charlie heads to his new home to see his (wife and kid). The whole story is really catchy but the way the shots are arranged and how the little bit of audio is used makes at an extremely effective piece.

People leave their families all over the world on a daily basis. People leave one place and go to another continuously throughout life. Everyone has experienced leaving in both good and bad situation. The director decided to portray leaving through this dad Joe in his situation where he finds out he is dying and doesn’t want his family to suffer so he walks away and has Charlie replace is person.


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